Standbridge Lane Community Development Trust

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Standbridge Lane Community Development Trust present a needed presence within the Kettlethorpe area serving residents and nearby areas to join in planned activities or hire space for themselves.

Activities include boxing, dancing and a childcare provision. All activities cater to all ages, races, sexes and Standbridge Lane Community Development Trust adhere to provide services in line with community needs.

Standbridge Community Centre is certainly a unique centre compared to any other community centre within the Wakefield district. Our strengths include the size of the building, being able to offer room hire and a permanent library. We also hold a great deal of outdoor space enabling us to hold summer fairs and galas.

Standbridge Community Centre is seen as a centre of excellence for sustainable community development - community leaders actively engage with the local community to raise issues around isolation, climate change and developing community partnerships.

We hope you can join us in making this centre into a pool of empowerment and education for all residents to enjoy.